Cotton Blend Fabric

Cotton Blend Fabric

Feature of Cotton Knit Curtain Fabric Soft and comfortable The cotton knit curtain fabric is breathable The cotton knit curtain fabric is thick and warm The cotton knit curtain fabric is easy to clean Using high quality environmentally friendly dyes, green, anti-sensitive Cleaning method of...
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Product Details

Product Name
Cotton Blend FabricMaterialCottton
MOQ10mPlace of OriginZhejiang, China
Specific PurposeSofa, luggage, tablecloth, tablecloth, curtains, cushions

Feature of Cotton Blend Fabric

1. The cotton blend fabric has good moisture permeability and soft handfeel. As a fabric of curtain fabric, it also has a certain effect of adsorbing dust in the air;

2, The cotton blend fabric looks simple and natural beauty, soft gloss, good dyeing performance;

3. The alkali resistance and heat resistance of the cotton blend fabric are particularly good.

Cleaning Method of Cotton Blend Fabric :

1, The cotton knit curtain fabric can use a variety of detergents, it can be hand-washed or machine-washed, but because of the poor flexibility of cotton fibers, so do not use large frustration when washing, so as not to change, affecting the size

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