Advantages And Disadvantages of Cotton Linen Curtains

- Mar 19, 2019-

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cotton and Home Furnishing Fabrics: The strength of cotton and linen fabrics compared to other fabrics is that the cost performance is very high. Cotton and linen fabrics have the advantages of cotton and linen. The cotton and linen blend has the advantages of environmental protection, ventilation, comfort, good drape and comfortable wearing.

The disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle and needs to be ironed often.



1. The curtain has good moisture permeability and soft handfeel. As a fabric of curtain fabric, it also has a certain effect of adsorbing dust in the air;

2, Cotton curtain fabric looks simple and natural beauty, soft gloss, good dyeing performance;

3. Alkali resistance and heat resistance is particularly good.



1. Inelastic and not stiff, easy to wrinkle after washing;

2, The color fastness is not high, easy to fade;

3, Thin fabric curtains may be less shaded, generally used with shade cloth

4, Poor shape retention, easy to shrink and shape after washing (shrinkage rate is usually around 4% ~ 12%);

5, Especially afraid of acid, when concentrated sulfuric acid stained cotton curtain cloth, cotton curtain cloth is burned into a hole, when acid (such as: vinegar) accidentally get on the curtain cloth, should be cleaned in time to avoid the fatalization of acetic acid on bumi The destruction.

 cotton linen curtainscotton linen curtain