Bay Window And Cushion Are More Comfortable

- Mar 11, 2019-

Many houses are now small-sized, and in order to improve space utilization, the bay window is used to change storage. Bay window is often wooden countertops, and the marble countertops are not good, so we suggest that you can add a layer of cushions.


Put a thick cushion on top of the marble countertop so that sitting and lying on it will make you more comfortable, especially in the winter, it won't make you too cold to sit up.

Most of the color of the cushion will be the same color as the curtains, so that the overall look is stronger, and it is very nice to match the interior wall or bedding, furniture and so on.


If you are worried that the window cushion is easy to break, you can consider choosing a plush mat and you can put it away when you don't need it. It is more convenient to clean and replace, of course, it is harder to sit.

In addition to the marble countertops, the wooden countertops can also be selected with a thick layer of cushions. After all, it is always more comfortable to sit after the mats. The mats can also protect the countertops and avoid the problem of sun and rain. 

Bay window and cushion

In addition to the cushions, the bay window is also very important. The curtains are installed inside and outside the bay window and have different effects. You can match the curtains of the bay window according to your specific needs.