Introduction to Chinese household products

- Jan 07, 2018-

Chinese household goods manufacturer Ten new American-style light luxury furniture Chinese household goods manufacturerPerhaps you are unfamiliar with exotic style furniture. After visiting a variety of dazzling European and American classical and modern furniture, it may be easy for Chinese household goods manufacturers to make you feel close. Most people have an intuitive impression of Chinese household goods manufacturers that they are bulky, heavy and comfortable. Indeed, comfort is an element of Chinese household goods manufacturers. When Americans buy beds and sofas, they are used to sitting on top of them to experience their comfort first. If they are not comfortable, they will not look at the shape and workmanship of the furniture.

Also, the easy aspect of Chinese household goods manufacturers is its practicality. American manufacturers will divide the furniture professional into living room, dining room, bedroom, study, kitchen, bathroom and other use space, and segment the consumer class and residence type, clearly define the parts, and the parts are closely connected with modern life, all-inclusive, consumption You can always choose the furniture that suits your needs. This is the basic attribute of Chinese household goods manufacturers who are people-oriented and close to life, but it is more important to meet the needs of people's cultural aesthetics. Just as the United States is a diversified society, Chinese household goods manufacturers reflect the spirit of multicultural integration. , its style is diverse and inclusive. Chinese household goods manufacturers have both antique and neo-classical furniture, as well as unique country styles, as well as simple, lifestyle furniture.

The antique style furniture is based on the lifestyle brought by immigrants from European countries in the late Renaissance. It is a nostalgic feeling of love for Europe and a civilian variation of European royal furniture. With the rise of the emerging bourgeoisie in the Americas, they are not reborn, but have a choice of European classical culture, embodied in furniture, simplifying the symbolism of rights, and more practical. As we can see, the antique style furniture, contours and shapes are also derived from European furniture, and the carving is simple, only carved in the legs, pillars, crowns, etc., there will be no large-scale carving and excessive decoration. It is more comfortable to use. It can be said that it is more inheritance of style, appreciation and comfort.

Among Chinese household goods manufacturers, the country style has always played an important role, reflecting the pioneering spirit of the early American ancestors and the personality that advocates freedom and loves nature. It has a simple shape, bright colors, natural materials, simple and practical, and practical. durable. Chinese household goods manufacturers use walnut, cherry and oak. The paint is mainly in single color and combined with leather, fabric, iron, marble and glass. The processing of materials deliberately emphasizes nature and functionality, using seemingly unprocessed log materials to create safe furniture to highlight its natural texture. This is reflected in the various styles of Chinese household goods manufacturers. On the surface of the furniture, you will see a lot of "瑕疵", such as wormhole wood eyes, fire marks, sickle marks, hammer marks, etc. This turned out to be the special painting process of Chinese household goods manufacturers - "done." Create a trace of tempering time, reveal the true color of wood, cater to people's nostalgia, and the desire for

Since the United States is an immigrant country, its immigrants come to various European countries, and its furniture also contains elements of European countries. It has the British classical Queen Anne style, the mission elements of modern Britain, and the Baroque style of French Louis XIV. The Rococo style of Louis XV, the neoclassical style of Louis XVI, and the elements of Germany, Italy, and Spain. Therefore, these elements are all in the United States. Civilian Chinese household goods manufacturers expressed American nostalgia for history and civilianized European royal furniture.

The foundation of Chinese household goods manufacturers is the lifestyle brought by immigrants from European countries in the late Renaissance. It simplifies the classical furniture of English, French, Italian, German, Greek and Egyptian styles, combining functions and decoration. We We all know that European furniture is mostly high-altitude, like European buildings, splendid, gold-plated and silver-plated, and only royal aristocrats can afford it, then Chinese household goods manufacturers will make such royal furniture civilian, high-altitude style still Retained, but the material will use natural solid wood, and the Europeans pay attention to the details of the carving, but not excessively publicized, and pay more attention to the practicality of the furniture.significance

Chinese household goods manufacturers have expressed the casual, comfortable style of the Americans, turning the home into a place to release stress and relieve fatigue.

Americans can be said to be "lazy" people in the world, but they are also people who will enjoy life. Every weekend, they will forget all the stress of work in the week, open the door, return home, and put on casual clothes. Feel free to lie down on the sofa, take a newspaper, drink a cup of coffee, watch TV, dine with your family, and return to the natural life, so the randomness and comfort of the Chinese home furnishing manufacturer is its main feature. It doesn't emphasize its fancy like European furniture. It feels like a real home. It doesn't return to the feeling of a five-star hotel or office. So American sofas and chairs will be bigger, more spacious and more comfortable. Let people see the comfort and freedom of going home.spiritChinese household goods manufacturers have a strong personality, expressing the American spirit of pursuing freedom and advocating innovation.