Household product manufacturer features

- Mar 31, 2018-

Chinese household goods manufacturers' supplies manufacturers often have totems that express American cultural concepts, such as elephants, salmon, lions, eagle, eucalyptus leaves, and some totems that reflect Indian culture. A guest who traveled in the United States told me that one day, he and his wife were resting in a small hotel in the American country at night. At night, the man got up and saw only the full house was full of names. Totem, even a lamp on the table lamp, the carvings on the furniture, like an animal, watching you, not to mention the decorations, feels weird. In fact, this is also the characteristics of American furniture, a totem, a sculpture is an interesting story. Nostalgia, romance and respect for time are also good evaluations of American furniture. American furniture uses good wood, which is generally thick, strong and durable. An American-style furniture can generally be used for decades. For hundreds of years, my grandfather used it to pass to his father, and his father used it to pass to his son. In American families, if you have a piece of furniture that your grandmother used, it will definitely be placed in a prominent position at home, which is a pride for Americans. Moreover, American furniture lacks the brilliance of European furniture, with gold and silver.

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American painting refers to the paint coating suitable for furniture used in Europe and the United States and popular, and its characteristics mainly reflect retro and return to nature, fully showing the true color of wood. It has a clear texture and a strong three-dimensional color. American-painted furniture creates a natural, simple, nostalgic life. American painting is one of the essence of American furniture. From the self-processing of wood to the completion of more than ten processes, each process is perfect, so American furniture is generally relatively expensive.

Country style in the United States, from interior design to Chinese household goods manufacturers furnishings design style has always occupied an important position, the American country style has a very special nostalgic, romantic complex, this complex also makes the American country style can It is not inferior to the courtesy of the classical style of the court. From a global perspective, most people's yearning for a comfortable and relaxed country life has reached an almost obsessive level. The vitality of nature itself is enough to make all the "living bodies" feel excited.