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- Mar 07, 2019-

1.Design style

We know that there are many types of designs for curtains. These styles are inextricably linked to the interior design style. Therefore, the choice of curtains, design style is the first requirement. In other words, the first is to match the style of the interior.

2. Functional needs

On the basis of the design style, it is necessary to make a choice of the thickness of the curtain.

In general, there are two ways:

(1) Use a thicker curtain fabric.

(2) Use a thicker fabric with a thin gauze curtain inside.

As for the solution, it is necessary to consider the actual situation. For example, some design styles do not allow the existence of a tulle curtain.

3. Choose curtain fabric

There are many options for fabrics used as curtains. Here is a brief description of the performance characteristics of the fabric:

(1) Light, thin transparent or translucent fabrics such as cotton, polyester-cotton blends, glass yarns, fine mesh, lace and voile.

(2) Medium-thickness opaque fabrics, such as fancy tissue cotton, nylon and blended fabrics, loose mesh fabrics; slippery fabrics, such as polished cotton woven cotton, antique satin, silk and corrugated silk.


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