Cleaning Method of Fabric Sofa

- Mar 02, 2019-

cloth sofa

Nowadays, many consumers will choose a home decoration style which is simple, generous and modern. The fabric sofa is a type of furniture that is very suitable for modern style. fabric sofas are relatively easy to dirty when they are used, so we usually need to clean the fabric sofas. But how to clean it?

Cleaning the fabric sofa with a vacuum cleaner

Fabric sofa is relatively easy to vacuum, so we can use the vacuum cleaner to suck out some dust inside the fabric sofa.

Directly washing the cloth sofa fabric

The current slipcover can be taken directly from the sofa. When the fabric sofa is dirty, we can take off the fabric sofa cover, wash it with water, dry it, and then re-install it. However, it is necessary to adopt different methods according to different fabric materials.

Scrubbing fabric sofa with clear water

When the fabric sofa is stained, we can take this approach by the degree and extent of the soiling. If the soiling range is small and it is juice or milk, then we can wipe it with water, so that we can wipe the fabric sofa clean.

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