Comparison Of Gold Velvet And Velvet

- Apr 27, 2019-

Velvet is a kind of velvet weft knitted fabric. One side of the fabric is covered with suede formed by upright fibers or yarns. The fluff is fine and soft to the touch. It is similar to the velvet velvet, so the name is velvet, silk and woven. Classes, patterns are divided into the main carving (Luodi velvet) and the reverse carving (Vinus sinensis). The organization can be plain weave and weft-cut velvet. Smooth and breathable. There are cotton and chemical fiber points.


The warp and weft of gold velvet are made of untwisted raw silk, which is made of plain weave, the suede is rayon, the velvet is consolidated in "W" shape, and floats on the surface of the fabric with a certain float length. The finished velvet is like a plain warp satin fabric. The velvet knife is used to cut the surface of the fabric through the floating line, so that each velvet is in a broken horizontal line, and then processed through scouring, dyeing, brushing, etc. to form a product. Gold velvet is a single layer of velvet fabric interwoven with mulberry silk and viscose rayon. The suede fluff is thick, the hair is long and slightly inclined, but it is not as flat as other velvet. Generally used for women's clothing, curtains and decorative items. Gold velvet fabric feels silky and tough, and it is quite good to make clothes. Although it will lose some hair, it is soft and skin-friendly after washing.


Gold velvet is shiny and will reflect some in the sun. In terms of fabrics alone, gold velvet is more expensive. In terms of thickness, the velvet is slightly thicker. Both need to be hand washed.



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