Curtain cloth craft classification

- Sep 19, 2018-

Curtain fabric process classification printing cloth: on the plain fabric, the color or pattern is printed as a dyed cloth by means of transfer or garden net. Its characteristics: colorful, rich and delicate patterns. Dyed cloth: A single color is dyed on a white fabric called a dyed cloth. Its characteristics: elegant, natural. Yarn-dyed jacquard fabric: According to the pattern needs, the yarn is first classified and dyed, and then interlaced to form a color pattern called a yarn-dyed fabric. Its characteristics: strong color fastness, bright color texture and strong three-dimensional effect. Embroidered fabric: A curtain with hand-embroidered or computer-embroidered curtains made of decorative fabric. Features: beautiful and generous grade, and easy to match with furniture.

There are so many kinds of fabrics, each has its own use, there is no absolute difference between good and bad, only whether it is suitable and whether it is like. Polyester curtain maintenance method: no need to wash frequently, it is recommended to wash at most once a year. Try not to wash, if you must wash, it is recommended to wash by hand, try not to dehydrate and dry, so as not to damage the texture and deformation; when drying, the opposite side is facing outward, naturally dry, do not expose to the sun. Should match the season

The choice of curtain color and material should match the different characteristics of the season. In the summer, light, transparent and soft yarn or silk is used, and light color is preferred. In winter, thick and fine flannel should be used, and the color should be warm and heavy to accentuate the thick and warm. In spring and autumn, thick ice silk, flower cloth, and silk are mainly used, and the color is suitable for medium color. The flower curtains are lively and bright, and all seasons are suitable.

The price of curtain fabrics is relatively large, and the domestic materials and imported materials may differ by several tens of times. The retail price of cotton-like printed curtain fabrics is generally 60-70 yuan; the general type of linen is 70-80 yuan or so, a little better than 100 yuan; rayon fabric prices from 60 yuan to more than 200 yuan; and the price of window screens is also very large, from about 10 yuan to more than 100 yuan. The price of imported curtain fabrics is generally above 100 yuan / meter, and those boutique prices are more than two or three hundred yuan.