Difference Between Satin And Jacquard

- May 06, 2019-

Commonly used fabrics are: plain, twill, satin, enamel, jacquard.

Among them, satin is divided into warp satin and weft satin. The warp satin is a satin loop. The warp is five times. The weft yarn is interwoven to form a fabric. The warp is long and the weft is satin. It is a fabric in a satin cycle. The weft yarn is made up of five warp yarns and the weft is longer.

Plain weave, twill, satin and can be extended to plain weave, twill change, satin change, etc.

Organization: The warp and weft floats of different lengths in the fabric are arranged in the vertical and horizontal directions in a staggered manner to form a fabric surface with a fine granular appearance with a dispersed and irregular shape, so that the fabric exhibits a crepe appearance.

Jacquard tissue is divided into small jacquard and large jacquard tissue, small jacquard tissue: generally with plain weave, twill as the ground tissue, with a variety of small patterns, woven into the fabric. Large jacquard tissue: Generally, it is made of plain weave, and the fabric is woven with large patterns by using needles and patterns.