Do You Know Several Kinds of Sofa Fabrics

- Mar 20, 2019-

1, Leather

The leather has good breathability, comfort, heat absorption and heat dissipation, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer. The leather sofa has a smooth, bright, soft, plump, elastic and textured surface. At present, leather sofas are mostly made of cowhide fabrics, of which the top layer and the second layer are mainly used.

leather sofa

The first layer of leather is directly processed from animal skin, and can be divided into three categories: full green skin, semi-green skin and embossed skin. All green skins are fine products, mostly used in high-end sofas. Semi-green skin, the quality of the skin is slightly lower than that of the whole green skin, but the supply is sufficient and the price is reasonable. It is the preferred material for the sofa industry. The embossed leather skin has a lower grade, a slightly harder texture, a lower hand and breathability, and is easier to clean.

The second layer of leather is a looser lower layer of dermal fibrous tissue, which is processed by spraying the facing material or coating with PVC and PU film. The second layer of leather is generally used on the back of the sofa or on the outside of the armrest, that is, the area that the human skin does not touch.

The regenerated leather is processed by pulverizing the dermis and adding chemical materials such as resin and rubber. Recycled skin is cheap, but its strength is poor, and it is often used in sofa products with lower prices.

2, Artificial leather

Artificial fabric sofa

Artificial leather is also called imitation leather. It has a wide variety of colors, good waterproof performance, neat edges and relatively low price. However, most of the artificial leather, the hand feel and elasticity can not achieve the effect of the leather, and is mostly used on the back of the sofa, the outside of the armrest and other parts that the human body cannot reach.


fabric sofas

The fabric sofa is soft to the touch, rich in patterns, round in lines and novel in style. The soft texture and rich colors give the fabric sofa a variety of “expressions” and are very affable.

4, Natural fabric

Natural fabric sofa

Natural fabric refers to natural materials, and common natural textiles include cotton, linen, flannel, and the like. The cotton cloth is breathable, moisture-absorbing and insect-resistant. The linen feels thick and fashionable. The flannel is anti-wrinkle and wear-resistant, soft to the touch, elegant and generous, and strong in warmth.

5, Artificial fabric

Artificial fabric sofa

Artificial fabrics are usually blended fabrics. They are blended with other natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk and wool. They are commonly used in sofa pillows, cushions and other accessories.

6, Wood

Wooden sofa

Most of the classical Chinese sofas are all wood. The common types of sofas are mahogany, ash, fir, eucalyptus, teak and so on.

7, Metal

Metal sofa

The metal material has good plasticity and can be bent or molded at one time. When fitted with a fabric cushion, the chilliness of the metal material contrasts with the softness of the fabric to create a simple style of modern home.

8, Bamboo

Bamboo sofa

Light, fresh and natural bamboo and rattan materials are dense, strong, lightweight and flexible. The shape of the bamboo is smooth and delicate, and it can be bent at a large angle. It has a hollow and knotted natural form, which is light and elegant, with a sense of rhythm and rhythm.

9, Vine

cane sofa

The vine material is comfortable, flexible, ventilated and breathable. It is particularly tough and flexible after drying. It can be bent and processed. The rattan sofa can be used with a variety of cushions, making the rattan sofa not only fascinating but also more functional.


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