Hotel Catering Linen Tablecloth Matching Skills

- Apr 02, 2019-

The hotel use more decorative tablecloths, and the colors and patterns are different. It is not as dull as the practical tablecloth. How should the hotel dining tablecloth match?

Select the appropriate tablecloth according to the shape of the table

The round table has a large desktop, and the bottom layer can be covered with a large tablecloth, and a small piece of tablecloth is placed on the upper layer to add a sense of grandeur. The color of the tablecloth can be darker, more stable, and resistant to dirt.

Square table tops can be placed on the bottom of the square tablecloth, the upper layer is then laid a small square tablecloth or change the direction of the tablecloth, the right angle is laid down against the center line of the table, so that the tablecloth has a triangular pattern.

The rectangular dining table top can be covered with a rectangular tablecloth, and the upper layer is made up of two square tablecloths, which are placed on the table.

How to match color

The overall color of the hotel dining tablecloth is divided into two colors: cold and warm. It is possible to choose a cool and warm color. It is most suitable according to the decoration style of the hotel banquet restaurant. Choosing the appropriate tablecloth color is also conducive to creating a good meal. The environment, the romantic dining environment, the relaxed dining environment, or the exciting, colorful dining environment can be achieved by choosing different tablecloth colors.

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