How to Choose the Material of the Table Cloth

- Apr 01, 2019-

Tablecloth materials can be mainly divided into plastics and textiles according to the production process. Plastic tablecloths include: PVC tablecloths, EVA tablecloths, PEVA tablecloths, hot-flowered tablecloths, cotton-coated PVC tablecloths, PP tablecloths, etc.; textile tablecloths include: polyester-cotton knitted lace tablecloths, cotton mercerized mesh buckle tablecloths, polyester filaments Warp-knitted tablecloths, cotton silk jacquard tablecloths, polyester-cotton plain-dyed printed tablecloths, polyester-cotton plain-woven embroidered tablecloths, linen-knitted lace tablecloths, and polyester-woven plain-dyed tablecloths.

Textile tablecloths are mostly decorated. The fabrics of textile fabrics are also very healthy, with good moisture absorption and skin toning. After shrinking, the handle is comfortable and the fabric is tight. This kind of tablecloth is mercerized, bright, soft and bright, making it the most common tablecloth in life. Among them, cotton and linen tablecloth is a good fabric, the texture is quite good, very wear-resistant and durable. This fabric is environmentally friendly and healthy, and it pursues a variety of natural things. The satin tablecloths are mostly used in hotels, dinners, and weddings. The satin home dining tablecloths look gorgeous and noble, and they are very realistic.

The practical tablecloth is mainly made of PVC texture, while the PVC tablecloth is the most secure with the quality of the cotton substrate PVC tablecloth. The layer of cotton on the bottom of the tablecloth makes it soft and easy to fold, avoiding the disadvantages of the traditional PVC tablecloth being hard and brittle. Moreover, this tablecloth is not as simple as a traditional plastic tablecloth, the color is too dim, the color and pattern are diverse, and it is easy to match a variety of decoration styles, which is a good choice for soft decoration.

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