How To Clean The Cushion

- Mar 08, 2019-

1. After the chair cushion is purchased, you should first spray it with fabric protectant for protection.

2. Before the disassembly and wash, protect the male and female belts at the sealing edge of the cloth cover to avoid bonding with the cloth cover surface and destroy the fabric structure on the surface of the cloth cover.

3. When the surface of the textile is stained with dirt, use a clean rag to clean the water from the inside and the outside to remove the stain. It is best to use the instructions for the special cleaning agent for the sofa cloth.

4, usually the sofa and lounge chair can be replaced and washed, can be divided into dry cleaning, water washing two, velvet cloth can not be wet, should use dry cleaning agent.

5. If it is a movable stool, it should be rotated once a week to make the wear evenly distributed.

6, should avoid wearing sweat, water collapse and mud sitting on the furniture to ensure the life of the furniture. Usually, the cloth cover of the sofa and the leisure chair can be replaced and washed. It can be divided into dry cleaning and water washing. The velvet cloth cover should not be wetted, and dry cleaning agent should be used.