How to Clean Velvet Fabrics

- Mar 29, 2019-

There are two kinds of velvet silk weaving and silk brocade intertwined. The pattern is divided into the velvet velvet flower and the anti-carved velvet flower. The variety includes materials, table blankets, cushions, art hanging screens, etc. Sofa, sedan cushion fabric.


Weft-knitted velvet fabric is a high-grade knitted fabric made from terry fabrics produced on imported equipment after being dyed, sheared, etc. The product has fullness, luster, soft handfeel and good performance.


Velvet fabrics are steamed. Therefore, there may be some hot marks left on the top of the clothes. After the clothes are bought, after a while, the hot marks will disappear.


The surface of the velvet is composed of dense and small fluff. During the production and processing of the fabric, a small part of the fluff particles remain on it, which is unavoidable. Most of the first wash will be washed out, such as the suit is black, the dark card version such as Sapphire will look more obvious. This is normal and don't worry too much. No special handling is required. Generally, after a few normal washings, the situation will be slow, and try not to wash the velvet with the washing machine.


Can not be wrung out because it is very scary. In the process of wearing, the inner surface is hanged by human hair, and it can not be pulled by hand, because it will loosen the fluff and cause the velvet; if you must use the washing machine to clean the velvet, you can pull the set zipper and turn it into the opposite side. In the laundry bag, adjust to gently wash. After washing, it should be placed on a shelf and drip dry to avoid direct sunlight exposure.

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