How to Distinguish the Quality of the Sofa Fabric

- Apr 04, 2019-

Generally speaking, the thin fabric of the printed pattern is relatively simple in process, so the quality is relatively general; and the pattern of the woven fabric and the like is thicker and better. When you purchase, you should carefully observe the pattern of the fabric. Patterns woven from different latitude and longitude lines have a three-dimensional effect and are not as smooth as printed fabrics. In addition, the fabrics made of pure cotton and pure wool are higher than those of ordinary rayon.

The fabric of the leather sofa varies greatly depending on the leather. Modern industry has been able to cut thick cowhide layers, so there is a layer of skin, two layers of skin and even multiple layers of skin.

The layer of skin is the outer layer. This layer of leather has good toughness and elasticity. After being made into a sofa, it is not easy to be broken after repeated pressing. It is a good fabric. Distinguish this kind of cortex can be seen with a special magnifying glass. The top layer of skin can see clear pores. It can also be used to pinch the skin. It is soft and elastic.

The second layer of skin is the skin that is cut off from the top layer. The surface tension and toughness of the second layer are not as good as the top layer. After long-term use, the surface film film will affect the overall effect of the sofa, so it needs to be carefully selected. In addition, the filling inside the sofa can not be ignored.



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