Chinese household goods manufacturer home design

- Sep 12, 2018-

In fact, Chinese household goods manufacturers do not have a strict distinction between the design of furnishings for furniture products throughout China. Chinese household goods manufacturers are also actively carrying out their own system improvement and style division in the long-term design change, such as simple and pure natural country style; profound and elegant classical country style; advanced country style in pursuit of luxury experience; The design is decorated in a modern country style and more. But no matter what kind of "village" it is, Chinese household goods manufacturers are demanding a kind of free, diligent and pioneering romantic natural feelings of laborers.The furniture of Chinese household goods manufacturers is based on the natural color of logs, and the overall color atmosphere of white, red, green and brown rooms is more common. Especially in the color selection of walls and furniture and furnishings - natural, nostalgic, exudes a rustic color is a typical feature of Chinese household goods manufacturers, most of the wallpapers are also selected to have a mechanism, texture of natural pulp products. The space of American families is usually very large. People like to put some wallpapers with strong expressions on the wall and paint the paint with full color. The decorations are mostly made of wrought iron, cotton, ceramics and porcelain.] The simple and even rough textures often depict large-scale colorful flower patterns, and the grounds of pure wood or pure stone are matched with three or two pieces. Pure wool handmade carpets from Mexico, Nepal, or Shandong, China, are naturally warm and very atmospheric.

Flowers, which are the most representative elements of Chinese household goods manufacturers, range from bedding to sofas, cushions and other textile products, but those with large or large-scale floral patterns are likely to be used by American families to decorate. The home of the Village series. They have a fresh and rustic atmosphere, just look at it, and the feeling of freedom, unrestrainedness and warmth will be fascinating.

Among the American-style furniture, the fabric with abstract prints looks light and elegant, and is typically auspicious flower patterns, fruit patterns or other interesting cartoon patterns.

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