Curtain fabric selection

- Jun 06, 2018-

In fact, the choice of curtain fabrics is a false proposition, because most of the curtains you can buy are actually polyester. Whether you are in the market or on a treasure to search for cotton, linen or cotton, unless the store deliberately lie to you, otherwise basically look at the raw materials must be polyester or most of them are polyester.

But don't blame the business, the cotton curtains sound very literary and sad, hanging up to actually light and wrinkle to death, washing once and then hanging is estimated to be only half. Pure linen is also similar. Although this material is simple and natural, it is light and shrinkable without curtains. If you buy real cotton or pure linen curtains, it is definitely a bad review. In addition to these cotton and linen fabrics, there are more rayon and velvet, as well as polyester blends. So strictly speaking, it should be called cotton texture, linen texture, silk texture and other textures.

So which kind of material is shaded and draped and sturdy and does not shrink and change more, is it natural to make curtains? It's the polyester that you can't see! Today's polyester fabrics also achieve the natural texture of the fabric, and the drape is excellent and easy to care. So instead of considering "what kind of fabric I want to choose", it is better to give up this question and think about "What kind of texture do I want?"

Cotton linen fabric: Features comfortable, breathable, soft, warm, anti-sensitive, easy to clean. It gives people a simple feeling, close to nature, and is more suitable for Nordic, Japanese, and casual styles with a natural theme. Silk fabric: It is characterized by good gloss, bright colors, light and soft, and good moisture absorption. It gives people a feeling of luxury. From ancient times to today, they have the preference of the aristocrats. The silky hand is especially loved by female friends. It is more suitable for French, light luxury, Chinese style and so on. Wool fabric: Features soft touch, strong drape, chemical reaction between dye and fiber, strong color fastness. Give people a high-end gorgeous feeling, expensive but not extravagant, stable and not boring, more suitable for Baroque, Rococo, neo-classical, American and other styles. Chenille fabric: characterized by thick, soft hand, full suede, drapability, warm and decorative features. Inclusive, giving people a low-key and calm feeling, more suitable for Baroque, American, Chinese, modern and other styles.