Is Polyester Fabric Pilling

- Mar 13, 2019-

The reason why polyester fabric is easy to pilling is closely related to its fiber properties, mainly due to the small cohesion between the fibers, the high strength of the fiber, and the particularly high elongation ability, especially the bending resistance and torsion resistance. It has good wear resistance, so the fiber often slips out of the surface of the fabric, and once it forms a small ball on the surface, it does not easily fall off quickly. During the actual wearing and washing process, the fibers are constantly subjected to external friction, so that the fibers on the surface of the fabric are continuously exposed to the fabric, and many unpleasant furries are present on the surface of the fabric, which is fluffing if these furs continue to be used. They can't fall in time, they are entangled with each other, and they are smashed into many spherical granules, which are usually called pilling.


There are many factors that affect the fluffing and pilling of fabrics. In summary, they can be considered from the following aspects:


(1) fibers constituting the fabric; 

(2) textile process parameters; 

(3) dyeing and finishing; 

(4) taking conditions.


How to prevent polyester fabric from pilling:


First, in the blending, try to choose the type of fiber that is not easy to pilling during the yarn and fabric production process, so that the fabric can be effectively prevented from pilling.


Second, when pre-treatment and dyeing are carried out in a jet dyeing machine, a lubricant is added to prevent friction and reduce the chance of fabric pilling.


Thirdly, for polyester and polyester and cellulose fiber blended fabrics, partial reduction of the polyester component is carried out, so that the strength of the polyester fiber can be appropriately reduced, and even if a small ball is formed on the surface of the fabric, the ball can be easily removed. 

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