Notes For Running A Curtain Shop

- May 21, 2019-

How does the curtain shop operate? How to open a curtain shop?

1. Investigate the local curtain market in the early stage

A: Know where your local curtain market is concentrated. Is it a distribution center for the local curtain market? How about the scale of the land? What is the competition between peers? How's business? Is there any development prospects for the check-in?

B: I know the local curtain shop counterparts, what styles of products are sold, how they are priced, how they are operating, and even their rents, performance, and staffing.

C: The last point is to understand the prospects of the local real estate market, the prospects of the decoration industry. If the local real estate is relatively hot, the decoration market will not be bad, so there will be more people buying curtains after renovation, so this also has to be Learn carefully.

2. How to position your curtain shop

A: For the local high-end curtain market, this positioning has high requirements for the quality of the curtain fabric, the quality of the sales staff, the designer's design style, and the installation and after-sales, so both in the store decoration and staffing There are higher requirements, but the single value of the curtains is relatively higher.

B: For the local curtain market to do low-end wholesale, this positioning mode is generally based on curtains, mainly for other curtain shops, store requirements, or direct warehouse sales, for sales staff In general, this kind of sales positioning has relatively little investment and less risk.

C: One of the more popular ones is the open platform for curtains. Several salespersons are fixed. Other salesmen are part-time and single-selling. These people are highly competitive. This kind of marketing has been popular in recent years. The personnel expenses are relatively small. If the difference is enough, the single quantity is also very objective. However, the curtain exhibition halls invested in the previous stage must be larger, and the curtain styles should be more, which reduces the difficulty of sales of curtains.