Polyester-cotton Blending Process

- May 30, 2019-

Polyester-cotton blending process, polyester-cotton blended fabrics generally adopt dry heat setting process, and heat setting equipment with hot air needle chain horizontal heat setting machine is the most widely used in customized platforms. The machine consists of a feeding device, an overfeeding device, a needle chain, a widening device, a hot air chamber, and a cloth cooling device. When the machine is running, the fabric is fed by an overfeeding device. The so-called “overfeeding” means that the feeding speed is higher than the running speed of the needle chain, which can reduce the warp tension of the fabric, which is beneficial to the expansion and the fabric in the warp direction. Can have a certain retraction.

The role of the needle chain is similar to that of the mercerizing machine cloth chain. It is a long circular chain composed of needle plates. The needle on the needle plate is pierced into the left and right cloth edges to drive the fabric forward to enter the hot air chamber and gradually expand. Width. The hot air is circulated in the hot air chamber, and the temperature is controlled between the glass transition temperature and the softening point of the polyester fiber, and is preferably 190 to 210 ° C. After 15 to 3 Os, the fabric is sent from the needle chain to the hot air chamber at an appropriate speed. The fabric is cooled to fix the heat setting state. When the fabric is dropped, the fabric may be blown with cold air or cooled by a large cold water roller to lower the fabric temperature to below 50 °C.


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