Quality Indicators of Curtain

- Mar 04, 2019-

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, curtains have gradually become an indispensable part of family life. Then choosing the right curtains becomes crucial.

Curtain functionality

1.Shading performance

Curtain fabric shading is the most basic function when curtains appear. I want to sleep late in the morning. I feel that the neon lights outside are too bright at night, and I need the shading function of the curtains.

2. Thermal insulation

In summer, it blocks outdoor heat input and reduces indoor heat loss in winter. It is an important function of curtain. Most of the heat radiated by the summer sun into the room is reflected back. In winter, most of the heat radiated from the indoor body and objects to the curtains will be reflected back by the curtains, effectively preventing the heat from being emitted and increasing the room temperature.

3. UV protection

The ultraviolet rays in the solar radiation are the main cause of fading and aging of floors, carpets, furniture, curtains, art and many fabrics. People exposed to direct sunlight for a long time will cause skin cancer, thus preventing UV curtains .became the another demand.

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