Sofa Production Process

- Apr 09, 2019-

Carpenter Craft

1, The original material composition

a. The frame is divided into raw materials, which are mainly composed of solid wood and fiberboard.

b. Solid wood accepts high-quality, strange northeast dried white birch, and fumigation. Baking. The moisture content of the fabric sofa after the rebound is controlled within 12%, which is not easy to be deformed, corrupted and wormed. The characteristics of white birch are hard material. Strong nail holding power, using it to make the wooden frame is far more rigid than the wooden frame made of pine wood, the cost is higher, is the most ambitious wood for the sofa wooden frame. The important departments of the wooden frame are all made of white birch.

c. Fiberboard: It accepts the high-quality fiberboard in the sea, and its quality is in line with the national industry scale. The pictures of the fabric sofa are in the anti-strike, waterproof and environmental protection aspects of the inspection of the national inspection agencies, and help in the wooden frame.

2, Process layout

a. The solid wood is disposed of before the assembly, and each frame is a craft.

b. For the aesthetic structure and the reinforced frame, each joint of the frame is positioned with a wooden tripod that is filled and accurately cut, and is held firmly by glue and screws in the most heavily affected department.

c. Accept Taiwan's high-quality straight nail guns to ensure the firmness of each interface.


Completion Process

1, The original material composition

a. Sponge: According to the density, it is usually divided into medium density and high density. The unit of density is gram/cubic centimeter. The picture of fabric sofa is an important indicator of sponge. But the direct sense of the sponge is its elasticity and softness. Therefore, the sponge can be high rebound and low rebound, hard, soft, super soft, and the density of the sofa is selected. A soft sponge, but a high-quality sponge is usually high-rebound. b. Down: used for the back of the back and waist pad, high temperature rinsing and pest control, characterized by good tranquility and texture, people rely on the back pad to have a feeling of inclusion.

c. Bandage: The sofa is made of 5 cm wide bandage in the box. The rubber wire pull ratio is 1:27, the telescopic strength is over 50,000 times, the anti-aging performance is good and the temperature is high, and it is used in sofas.

2, Process layout

a. The frame is covered with a layer of 1-2cm thick sponge, and the appearance is tightly adhered to a layer of cloth. The cloth sofa picture is at least level to eliminate the friction between the fabric and the frame.

b. Accept Taiwan's high-quality horse nail guns to ensure the firmness of important parts such as bandages.


Sewing Process

1. Fabric types: European entrance and intra-season fabrics are our important choices. Whether it is color fastness and abrasion resistance, the weight is better than the national industry scale (300 g / square meter)

2, Appearance sewing Taiwan's electric high-speed sewing machine, all employees are on the post professional training, the stitches are even and flat, each piece of fabric is treated with punishment.


1, Zipper

2, The foot

3, Hardware accessories



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