Sofa structure

- Jan 09, 2018-

Look at the shelf of the sofa is stable, the bottom end of the shelf is flat, and level with the ground. There are no obvious errors at the seams, no looseness and firmness. sponge

Look at the filling of the sofa, that is, the elasticity of the sponge, which can be felt by people sitting on it. The elasticity is good to prove that the filling is full and it will enhance the comfort of the person. The inner quality of the sofa is also a circle that cannot be ignored. When the general purchaser buys a sofa, if it is only sitting and sitting, it is difficult to judge the pros and cons of the sofa. The only way is to take a look inside. For some sofas that are not all-inclusive, you can turn over and observe the quality of the springs, plates and sponges used to determine the pros and cons of the sofa. A good sofa, the internal spring requires anti-rust treatment, the wood used requires planing, no scars, etc. In addition, good furniture brands have been hard to exchange for many years. Brand-name furniture combines good after-sales service, reliable quality, and fine workmanship, so the price is higher. If it is imported furniture, customs duties, freight charges, etc., the price will be greatly improved. Everyone introduced the content of how to distinguish the fabric sofa fabric and the cloth sofa shopping guide. I hope that everyone will have some understanding of how to distinguish the fabric sofa fabric and the fabric sofa shopping guide after reading this article.