Sofa Towel

- May 05, 2019-

Functional effect

The sofa towel has the effect of protecting the sofa, dustproof, beautifying the room, keeping warm and so on.

Protective sofa

New fabric sofas, if you accidentally get stains or accidentally shave, are difficult to clean or repair, even if it can be quite troublesome; new leather sofas, because of the high price, need to be careful, for fear of scraping Broken, so choose a beautiful sofa towel, not only can play a good role in protecting the sofa, but also easier to disassemble and clean than the sofa cover.

Beautify the room

The style of the sofa towel is varied and can have a wider range of choices. Especially for older sofas, if the sofa frame is still strong, just stained, or shaved, or just you want to change the vision, you can choose a sofa towel, not only can cover the defects of the sofa, but also its unique The lace can also be a good embellishment, which is not what the sofa cover does.

Warmth effect

The material of the sofa towel is generally thicker, and some of it also contains velvet, so the sofa towel will give a thick feeling, especially in the winter, the sofa on the sofa towel will give a warm feeling from both the look and feel. The sofa towel can make the sofa look a lot more beautiful. You can put beautiful clothes on the sofa to beautify the living room environment. Make our life more life-like.