The Difference Between Polyester Fabric and Coated Fabric

- Mar 25, 2019-

The coated fabric is a fabric that has been treated by a coating process. Polyester fabric refers to fabrics whose raw materials are polyester or polyester. Polyester fabric can be processed into a coated fabric.


Interpretation of coated cloth means that a special process is applied on the basis of the fabric to coat a special function, which adds special functions to the fabric. So it is also called functional coated fabric. Depending on the material of the coating, there are three major categories of PVC coating, PU coating and semi-PU coating. According to the different coating process, there are silky leather, matte surface, anti-leather, wrinkle leather and so on. Also classified according to function and characteristics. Such as: coloring glue, PVC coating, silver coating, calendering, flame retardant, PA moisture permeability, PU moisture transparent and so on. Special coating: rubber coating, paper processing, waterproof and moisture permeable, pearl series, oil wax coating, PU gold glue silver glue, high water pressure series (up to 1000---10000), UV- CUT is UV resistant and so on. Coated fabrics are widely used in sportswear, down jackets, raincoats, jackets, tents, footwear, curtains, bags, and advanced waterproof and moisture-permeable ski jackets, mountaineering suits, windbreakers, etc. It can also be used in defense, navigation, fishing, offshore oil wells, transportation and other fields. Waterproof coating series fabric with windproof, waterproof and moisture permeable functions