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- May 13, 2018-

The era of intelligent Chinese household goods manufacturers has arrived!

Comfort, convenience, taste and style are the new lifestyles that smart Chinese household goods manufacturers provide to the public. [Style Life], as the leading brand of domestic intelligent Chinese household products manufacturers, has long been committed to the R&D, production and sales of smart Chinese household products manufacturers' product lines, in order to build the future smart Chinese household goods manufacturer lifestyle as the enterprise development To provide consumers with more tasteful and stylish smart Chinese household goods manufacturers to enjoy.

In 2006, [Style Life] took the lead in introducing the latest international trend of intelligent electronic shoe cabinets into China, marking the official start of research and development and production of China's intelligent electronic shoe cabinets, and gradually creating a remarkable new smart Chinese household goods manufacturer. era. At present, [Style Life] has built the largest electronic shoe cabinet production base in China, with the most advanced intelligent electronic shoe cabinet research and development technology in the world, and the largest and most intelligent Chinese household goods manufacturer R & D design team, providing consumers with the most Attractive smart electronic shoe products that lead the industry.

Maximizing customer value must be centered on maximizing product value. To this end, we start with lifestyle research, and we always take the trouble to study and re-examine and demonstrate that we must at least have five elements of quality, taste, health, intelligence, and environmental protection. Furniture must be made for Chinese household products. Business life provides sufficient convenience, comfort, health, artistry and durability. Take the shoe cabinet as an example, we have repeatedly thought: What is the function of the shoe cabinet? Is it the storage of shoes? Can you make sweaty feet, stinky feet, and Hong Kong feet comfortable? Can you wipe the shoes automatically? Can you look in the mirror before the door, and the shoes you wear are not good? Can you prevent the shoes from getting moldy? and many more. The starting point for excellence is to find out the needs that others have not noticed, to break the bottleneck of others' confusion, and to solve the urgent needs of people. When other furniture companies are still struggling for the storage function of the shoe cabinet, [style life] has already been riding a red dust. Taking the intelligentization of furniture as a development model and developing multiple additional functions based on family needs. The core value of the shoe is sublimated from storage to a healthy and warm home for the shoe.

In more than 100,000 homes, thousands of business offices, hotels, entertainment clubs, and hundreds of government agencies, [Easy Life] smart electronic shoe cabinets are providing automatic disinfection and automatic cleaning of shoes for millions of consumers. Intelligent services such as automatic moisture protection, and innovative development of a variety of functions such as timed start, clock display, touch screen, and intelligent memory. [Style Life] Intelligent electronic shoe cabinets began with the change of original and single traditional footwear storage methods, with the purpose of creating a smart life model, leading Chinese consumers to experience the comfort and convenience brought by [electronic life] smart electronic shoe cabinets. health.

As a professional intelligent Chinese household goods manufacturer brand, [Style Life] firmly believes that the future human society will enter the era of smarter Chinese household products manufacturers with more intelligence and more emphasis on taste and personality. Therefore, the development strategy of the [Style Life] brand will expand the product layout to various intelligent Chinese household products manufacturers including intelligent electronic shoe cabinets, creating a new and exciting and intelligent China in China. Household goods manufacturer lifestyle.