Type of Sofa Cushion

- Mar 21, 2019-

The sofa should be seated comfortably, and it should be cleaned. So how do you choose the right sofa cushion?


Sofa cushion type:

1.Bamboo fabric sofa cushion

This is generally more suitable for simple style sofas, the style is biased towards classical style. It feels cool and very happy to use in summer. And the air permeability is good, the daily cleaning is also very simple and fast.

2. sofa cushion cotton material

It is generally suitable for use in spring and autumn. Of course, it is also sexual in winter. In summer, it is too hot to stand. Pure cotton should also be cleaned, but it is not good to do it. It should be done in the sun.

3. Short plush fabric sofa cushion

This material is very suitable for use on high-grade sofas, and if it is well matched, it can effectively improve the atmosphere of the whole home. The texture of the hand touch is also very good, and the cleaning is simple.

4. Thick plush sofa cushion

Generally used only in winter, it can be matched with different styles of sofas, practical and beautiful. It feels warm as spring. However, because it is thick in material and strong in water absorption, it is not easy to clean.

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