What Fabric Is Velvet Knitwear

- Apr 26, 2019-

The velvet knit fabric is made of cotton yarn, polyester filament yarn, nylon filament yarn, polyester-cotton blended yarn and other raw materials. The cotton yarn, polyester filament yarn or polyester textured yarn, polyester-cotton blended yarn is used as the pile yarn, and the loop is used. The ground yarn woven on the plush knitting machine is formed into a tissue, the pile yarn forms a loop, and then the loop is formed by cutting the loop, and then cut and scalded. The pile yarn can also be knitted into the ground tissue according to the liner yarn and cut through the loop. The fabric is soft to the touch, the fabric is thick, strong and wear resistant, the fluff is thick and the color is soft. Mainly used as outerwear fabric, collar or hat material. Swan knit is a type of plush knit. The plush knit fabric can be woven by a warp knitting method in addition to the weft knitting method, for example, a warp knitted loop fabric.



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