Blackout curtain fabric

- Mar 01, 2018-

What fabrics are used for all blackout curtain fabrics? There are three main types of fabrics for blackout curtain fabrics:

The first one is the original grey fabric on the front, which can be colored, and the back is PVC coated, but the environmental performance is poor.

The second is to add PVC cloth to the mesh fabric, the back is also a coating, which is made of plastic, which is thicker than the former and has a good shading effect. The disadvantages are that it is brittle, easy to age, and environmentally friendly.

The third type is a blend of linen and cotton. Its own weight is relatively heavy, and the drape is good. It can be directly made into curtains. It has good environmental performance, but the color is single, basically only milky white. Curtains are widely used in life, and the curtain materials of different spaces are different. Now let's find out what kind of curtains are made!

1, the bedroom with cotton or hemp, because cotton, linen is a common material for curtains, easy to wash and replace, suitable for the bedroom;

2, the living room is suitable for gauze curtains, gauze curtains are highly decorative, can enhance the sense of depth in the room, good light transmission, suitable for use in the living room and balcony;

3. Bamboo curtains are suitable for living room balconies. The bamboo curtain has clear texture, good lighting effect, and is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and does not fade;

4, satin, flocking curtain texture is delicate, luxurious and beautiful, shading sound insulation effect is good, but the price is relatively high;

5, man-made fiber curtains are hard, easy to wash and durable, good shade;

6, the study, the restaurant should use blinds, the study room generally does not need too strong light, you can use blinds for light adjustment.

There are many kinds of curtain materials, and the functions of different materials are different. You can choose the curtain material according to your own needs.