What Is Jacquard Fabric

- Jun 20, 2019-

It has been popular in Europe for centuries, and jacquard fabrics have become a classic of the nobles and elegance of the royal family. Today's noble patterns and gorgeous fabrics have clearly become the trend of high-end home textiles.

The fabric of the jacquard fabric changes the warp and weft structure during weaving to form a flower pattern, and the yarn count is fine, which requires extremely high raw materials. The warp and weft of the jacquard fabric are intertwined and floated to form various patterns. The texture is soft, the texture is fine and smooth, the finish, drape and breathability are good, and the color fastness is high.

When choosing these fabrics, I mainly consider my own needs. I like to buy plain weaves that are light and breathable. I like to buy twill with durable and thick, and I like to choose a bright and beautiful satin for the holiday season.