What Should I Do If the Fabric Sofa Has Odor

- Apr 08, 2019-

1, fabric odor. If the fabric of the fabric sofa has an odor, it is mostly caused by the fact that the materials used in the processing of the fabric are not environmentally friendly. In this case, the sofa cover needs only to be removed and washed once, and the odor is greatly reduced. It’s not true that the sofa fabric is too low.

2, sponge odor. The smell of a sponge is generally small, but if the foaming is not in place, it will also cause an increase in odor, which is easily noticeable to people who are sensitive to odor. In this case, some air freshener can be placed next to the sofa to make the sponge odor dilute.

3, plywood odor. The scent of plywood used in the inner frame of the sofa is the most pungent. If there is such a scent, check whether there is an open zipper on the sofa, and there is a window opening to allow the odor to naturally evaporate.

In order to prevent the sofa from smelling during use, it should be cleaned regularly.

1. Scrub with a sponge. Sponge friction will have static electricity, which is very helpful for removing sofa stains. You can use a sponge to pick up a small amount of detergent to gently scrub on the sofa surface.

2. Use a special cleaning agent for sofas or carpets. Generally, a sofa or a carpet is purchased, and a certain amount of special cleaning agent is provided. This special cleaning agent is repeatedly wiped on the dirty surface of the fabric sofa, and the effect is also ideal.

3. Use a clean water to partially scrub. If the above methods are not able to clean the dirt of the fabric sofa well, then remove the fabric surface of the sofa and clean it with water.




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