Chinese household goods manufacturer natural materials

- Jun 13, 2018-

With the global natural wind, consumers are increasingly appreciating the modern casual natural style Chinese household goods manufacturers. Natural-style Chinese household goods manufacturers mostly focus on natural materials such as raw wood, and emphasize the diverse changes and combinations, coupled with some functional design, won the fashion people's welcome. In general, such Chinese household goods manufacturers are pursuing the expression of their own unique style, reflecting the philosophy of personal life. This style represents the American Chinese household goods manufacturer. Among the American-style Chinese household goods manufacturers in the domestic market, sofas are popular among people. The main features of this American sofa are:

1. Warm and soft tones. Due to the emphasis on the natural style of the home, the American sofa is mainly based on the feeling of refreshing, soft and comfortable.

2, pay attention to the level of design lines. American leisure sofas do not emphasize creativity, but tend to be intimate home style, pay attention to the design of traditional Chinese household goods manufacturers, and emphasize environmentally friendly materials in materials. For example, antibacterial fabrics used.

3. Emphasize casual and natural placement. According to the relevant person who distributed the American sofa, the American sofa does not particularly emphasize the design and placement of the complete set, but also advocates the combination of freedom, mainly emphasizing personal preference.

For the purchase of American sofas, the industry believes that if you purchase a full set of 1+2+3 American sofas, the living room area is better than 20 square meters. For a generally small living room space, as long as it is properly matched, you can also enjoy the feeling of comfort. For example, you can choose a three-person sofa with a single swing sofa or a single soft chair.

The surface of the American sofa is covered with a thick fabric of dense latitude and longitude. The high-quality sofa observation surface can see the stitches on the fabric are fine and fine, and the sofa will not shake when shaken by hand.

American design editor

There is nothing to be proud of in the design of American Chinese household goods manufacturers. It does not have the innovation of the German Bauhaus, the origin of the Italian Renaissance, and the fine craft traditions of Spain and Denmark. However, on the design land of this uncultivated Chinese household goods manufacturer, Americans have worked hard for more than half a century to see the splendid fruits. This is the "American dream designed by Chinese household goods manufacturers." . American Chinese household goods manufacturers experienced "modernism" and "postmodernism" after the Second World War. In the late 1980s, the "Art China Household Products Manufacturers Movement" began to flourish, boldly abandoning tradition in style, fully Show personality. After the 1990s, Chinese expressive manufacturers with free expressiveness began to become fashionable. The simple elements of color, structure and lines were all creative in the design of Chinese household goods manufacturers, and formed under the influence of conceptual art. A unique American aesthetic. The United States is a major producer of Chinese household goods manufacturers and a consumer market for large Chinese household goods manufacturers. The items made of natural materials such as solid wood, cotton and hemp make people feel like they are returning to the embrace of nature. Therefore, American Chinese household goods manufacturers who are naturally comfortable and warm and comfortable are becoming more and more popular.

Feature editing

1, the material is mostly solid wood Merrill China household goods manufacturers are mostly made of peach, cherry, maple and pine. It is reported that mahogany and cherry wood belong to precious wood that takes decades or even hundreds of years to complete. Maple is also 40 years old. These carefully selected materials have established a further styling for Chinese household goods manufacturers.