Advantages Of Fabric Curtains

- Sep 20, 2019-

1.Adjusting indoor light

Fabric curtains have the function of adjusting indoor light, lighting or shading according to the needs of life.

2.Protecting Privacy

Use fabric curtains to cover the outside view to enhance the privacy of private space.

fabric curtains

3.borrowing scenery

If the scenery outside the window is not ideal, curtains can be used to cover or decorate the scenery outside the window, so that people do not pay attention to it. On the other hand, if the view outside the window is very impressive, you can also attract people's sight through the curtains and enter the room by the view.

4.Protecting Furniture

Under the influence of high temperature and high light, wood floors, carpets, pianos and furniture are prone to fade and deformation, even affect their functions and use. Curtains with sun-shielding and anti-sun functions can protect them from sunlight and reduce damage.

5.Regulating Room Temperature

In summer, the heat of sunshine radiation enters the room through the windows. If you want to avoid the summer, you must choose curtain fabrics that can shield and prevent radiation. In winter, the heat of indoor radiation is dispersed through the windows to the outdoor, so that you can have thicker curtains to resist the cold and adjust the indoor temperature.


6.noise reduction

Curtains are the medium of communication between the room and the outside world, and the outside voice is also transmitted to the room through the windows. The curtain with thicker wool and other fabrics can absorb noise and play the role of sound insulation and noise prevention to a certain extent.


Bright colors, rich patterns and changeable styles of curtains play an important role in interior decoration. Various decorative effects have been achieved through different styles and materials. Whether from indoor to outdoor or from outdoor to indoor, curtains are important means for residents to express their feelings and communicate with the environment.