Blackout Curtains Enhance Sleep Quality

- Mar 04, 2019-

With the continuous improvement of municipal construction, not only the street of the road has been brightened, but also the streetlights between the residential buildings of the community have become more and more. It is more convenient for everyone to travel in the evening, but some citizens are disturbed by sleep at night because the bedroom window is close to the street light. You can choose a blackout curtain to solve this problem. You should consider the shading, environmental protection and beauty when purchasing.


You can consider the color of the dark fabric curtains, fabric curtains affordable, beautiful color, as long as the knitting lines are more compact can meet the shading needs. When choosing, cover the curtains on the head and look at the direction of the light. The texture of the cloth will not pass through the bright spots.


For daily life, don't pursue excessively high shading rate, because many shading fabrics with good shading effect use a coating process, and the coating and the cloth surface are glued together. The glue may contain harmful chemical components such as benzene, formaldehyde or methanol. The curtains are suspended for a long time and are released for a long time, which is not good for your health. If you really need to use a blackout cloth, you can't be cheap, but try to choose a woven blackout cloth. This kind of shading cloth is divided into three layers when weaving, and the upper and lower layers can be woven with various colors like ordinary curtains, and a layer of black fabric is sandwiched between them, taking into account the shading effect and beautiful environment.

dark curtain fabric

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