Care Of Cloth Sofa

- Apr 25, 2019-

The fabric sofas are stylish in style and diverse in style and style, which is enough to satisfy different decoration styles and make people shine. This beautiful light, how to maintain and clean the fabric sofa that is soft and comfortable?

First, starting from daily cleaning

Although the sofa is a large piece of furniture, but the use rate is high, sometimes the child accidentally knocked over the juice, the sofa has been used for a long time, it is inevitable to look at the gray fly, in order to avoid the shackles caused by various stains, daily cleaning is very necessary.


01, cleaning cloth cover

The design of the fabric sofa is very user-friendly. For the convenience of cleaning and care, the cushions, backrests and even the entire sofa “skin” can be removed. It is very convenient to clean the sofa when cleaning.


02, local cleaning

For ketchup sitting on the couch and eating too much, it is important to be able to finish the partial cleaning of the sofa efficiently.

Not very dirty stains, it can be effective by rubbing with a wet towel or water. Grease jams, etc., can be treated with special fabric household cleaners. The faster the soiled part, the better the cleaning effect.

03, vacuuming

No matter what kind of fabric sofa, it is easy to get dust, dust, etc., especially in the deep corner of the sofa, it is dirty and dirty all year round, and it is easy to breed mites and bacteria. Usually just use the way of shooting, dusting effect is very small, you can consider using a vacuum cleaner or a mites to clean the fabric sofa.

Second, cloth sofa daily care

Clean, keep the fabric sofa clean and tidy. Care can extend the life of the sofa.

01, seat cushion, backrest

Sitting in a position for a long time, the fabric sofa is difficult to escape the possibility of collapse. The seat bag of the sofa can be turned over or replaced to distribute the wear more evenly. Most sofas are filled with sponges, which can be taken to the open space for tapping and loosening the sponge structure.

02, avoid direct sunlight

The topic of the sofa can be said for several days. But today we emphasize that we want to make the fabric sofa more durable. Don't put the sofa in a direct sunlight position. For a long time, the sun is enough to make the sofa fabric lose its elasticity, and it will fade.

Third, cloth sofa care misunderstanding

Finally, let's take a look at the common fabric sofa care mistakes to help you avoid mistakes.

01, frequent cleaning

Although the fabric sofa is the surface of the fabric, it is still very different from the laundry. The excessively frequent cleaning affects the wear resistance of the sofa, and it is difficult to maintain the shape. It can be cleaned regularly according to family conditions.

02, moving frequently

The sofa is very heavy, and the way the family moves the sofa is too "violent". The number of times is too high, and it is easy to wear the sofa legs.

With varied styles, smart colors and patterns, these are the advantages of fabric sofas. I don't want to have my sofas fade in a few years, so clean and care from now on.