Advantages of linen and cotton fabrics

- Mar 26, 2018-

Chinese linen and cotton fabric manufacturers' blended printed fabrics combine the advantages of natural fibers, both linen and cotton, as well as wrinkle resistance and drape. They are a rare blend of products in recent years. This cloth is made of linen/cotton and 55/45 blended yarn and is woven on a rapier loom using fine plain weave. She enjoys the hearts of the vast number of merchants with the advantages of comfortable wearing, dangling, wrinkle, soft hand, pure color, easy care, and good taking. Its fabric width is 63 inches, which is suitable for making fashion, suits, etc. It is both elegant and stylish, and adds youthful vitality. The Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturer's wire fabric is made of 40/2*20+40/2+ wire.

 The composition and content: 92% cotton cloth, 8% linen. Weaving on the rapier loom using plain weave. It is processed by various processes such as singeing, scouring, oxygen bleaching, shaping, washing and padding. This fabric is favored by Chinese and foreign businessmen and customers for its unique texture, feel and appearance. The fabric can also be color-selected according to the customer's favorite, and the choice of colors is dazzling and overwhelming. Due to its superior texture, this fabric can be used to make high-end shirts, casual wear, suits, etc. for men and women, so that people can wear a noble and refined feeling. 

According to the merchants, because of the high technical content of this fabric, it is superior to the general blended fabric in terms of style and appearance, so its price is twice as high as that of ordinary fabrics. They are all looking at the quality and then talking about the price.