Cleaning Method Of Cotton Fabric Curtain

- Nov 04, 2019-

1. All kinds of detergents can be used, either by hand or by machine. However, due to the poor elasticity of cotton fiber, it is not necessary to wash it with large file to avoid deformation and size impact.

2. White curtain cloth can be washed in high temperature with strong alkaline detergent to bleach and soak in hot water to avoid yellow sweat spots. The curtain cloth of other colors should be washed with cold water instead of detergent or washing powder containing bleaching ingredients, so as to avoid discoloration, and the washing powder should not be poured directly on the cotton fabric to avoid local discoloration.


3. Light color and white can be soaked for 1-2 hours, and the washing and decontamination effect is better. Don't soak the dark color for too long to avoid fading. Wash it in time. Add a spoonful of salt in the water to make the clothes not easy to fade.

4. When the curtain cloth is washed and drained, it should be folded up, and a large number of water should be squeezed out or rolled up with a towel bag to squeeze water. When cleaning various curtains, it is not allowed to twist the cloth forcibly to avoid the cloth from going out of shape. Do not drip dry, so the curtain cloth will go out of shape excessively after drying.