Cleaning Method Of Cushions

- Oct 11, 2019-

For partial cleaning, please use a dry cloth (soft brush if necessary) with a little neutral laundry detergent to remove stains in a key way, and then dry it.


Integral cleaning(whole cushion)

1. Insert warm water into the bathtub

2. Pour in neutral detergent

3. Put the pillow into the water and rub it gently.

4. Rinse thoroughly with hot water after removal.

5. Extrude the water with a large towel

6. Adjust the original shape of the pillow

7. After exposure to the sun on a clear day

8. Comb the wool again

Attention should be paid to avoid the use of washing or drying machines in order to avoid the breakage of tailors and cloth and the loss of eye parts.

It is necessary to maintain the softness of the pillows. Dolls or pillows can often be sunned in sunny days.