Linen cotton fabric manufacturer

- Apr 11, 2018-

Company Profile China linen cotton fabric manufacturer is a manufacturer of Chinese linen cotton fabrics. It is a professional manufacturer of linen fabrics.

● Our brand: Xinshen new application

● Enterprise scale: 19,000 spindles of British Mackay spinning equipment, 480 sets of Italian shuttleless looms

● Enterprise Honor: Top 10 Chinese Linen Enterprises China ** Products China's popular fabrics finalists

● ISO9001 quality management system certification ISO14001 environmental management system certification

● A technology research and development center A linen yarn production base A linen fabric production base

● Main production equipment: from Italy, France, Germany, Japan and China

● Main raw materials: flax raw materials from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.

● Annual production capacity: more than 3,600 tons of linen yarn, more than 12 million meters of linen fabric

Flax products and delivery date (can be woven according to customer samples)

1- Gray fabric: Regular varieties are available in stock. Can be shipped at any time.

2- Dyed cloth: Time for making the film: 3-6 days. Stakeout time: 10-15 days. Big goods: 15-20 days.

Note: Magnify the sample to charge 500.00 per color, and return the large goods.

3-color woven fabric: Time for making the film: seven days. Stakeout time: 20-25 days. Big goods: 25-30 days.

Free hand weaving for customers and provide flower design services

Note: Quantitative dyed fabrics from a large quantity: 1000 yards.

Weaving yarn: 4.5s - 6 5 s

Weavable width: 40"" - 110" (finished product)

The main products are: linen, linen, linen fabric, linen fabric, linen rain, linen, linen, linen, linen, linen, linen, linen, linen dyed, linen, scratch , bronzing, linen-dyed jacquard, linen dyed wash, linen, linen tencel, linen twill, linen jacquard, linen cotton intertwined, sticky linen intertwined, sticky linen and cotton linen, linen silk, etc.

Mainly used in linen garments and home textile fabrics: linen men's and women's shirts, trousers, casual wear, suits and linen sofas, linen curtains, linen gift boxes, linen pillows, cushion fabrics, linen bags, eco-bag fabrics, linen scarves, linen, linen, fabric, linen Napkins, placemats, handkerchiefs, tablecloths, tablecloths, etc.

Welcome customers to come to weave, and welcome to develop new products together with our customers!