Considerations Of Customized Living Room Sofa

- Apr 19, 2019-

First: the size of the living room sofa is clear

Before ordering, we must check the size of the sofa repeatedly. Some customizers do not carefully measure the size of the living room sofa. As a result, the room space is insufficient, the style of the whole furniture will be broken. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the sofa should be able to get from the room. When the door comes in, many custom-made living room sofas are sized and can be accommodated in the room, but they cannot come in from the gate, so pay attention to this.

Second: be careful with the sofa stuffing

Nowadays, there are many kinds of sofa cushions in the living room. Some manufacturers have shoddy the fish in order to make money. Therefore, before the customization, the designer must repeatedly confirm the fabric sofa filler.

Third: set the deviation value

When the sofa is customized, there will be deviations. If the deviation is small, it can be accepted. If the deviation is too large, it should be returned in time, and the designer should negotiate the dimensional deviation in advance. When the negotiation value is exceeded, the living room and the living room sofa should pay attention to the matters. make up.


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