Curtain Track Installation Method

- Mar 27, 2019-

Nowadays, curtains occupy a very important position in home decoration, so what is the formal installation method of curtains?


Introduction to the classification of curtain screens


Roller blind

The design of the rolling curtain mesh curtain is made of a relatively hard material, and the fabric of the roller blind fabric is also very smooth. The roller blind is composed of two parts: a guide rail and a curtain body. The wheel is moved downward by the rotation of the wheel and the shaft of the guide rail. Unlike the Roman blind, the guide rail of the roller blind can roll up the curtain body and collect it in the guide rail.


Vertical curtain

The vertical curtain is also called a vertical curtain. It is a lot of blades hanging on the track of the curtain. It can also be easily and flexibly dimmed to achieve the effect of shading. The drape curtains are elegant, generous and brightly lined. There are also many different materials. According to the different operation modes, they are divided into: manual vertical blinds and electric vertical blinds. The appearance can be divided into: straight vertical curtains and curved rail vertical blinds.


Curtain track installation method

Orbital position

When we are installing the curtain screen track, we must first use the line to confirm the specific star of the installation track. The accuracy of this line is directly related to the success or failure of our installation of curtains. First, we measure the distance between the mounting rail holes and the size of the rails that need to be installed.


Mounting track

There are also different types of curtain screen tracks. The track of the curtain has a single track and a double track and three tracks, such as when the width of the chest window is greater than 1200 mm. The curtain rails should be disconnected and the bends should be staggered. The bends should be smooth and the overlap length should be no less than 200mm. Heavy curtain rails should be added with machine screws, dark curtains should be rear-mounted rails, heavy curtain rails with small corners and fine pitches, wooden seam specifications should not be less than 30mm.


Installation window bar

When installing the trader's curtain, first fix the connecting piece of the rod, then install the window rod or wire of the curtain and pull it onto the fixing piece. The standard width of a curtain track is larger than 15CM, and the single rail can be reduced according to the appropriate conditions, so that it is flat and in line with the room elevation.