Did You Choose The Right Sofa

- Jul 16, 2019-

The living room can be described as a family value, its beauty directly affects the guest's first impression of your home, the living room is dressed up, can become stylish and beautiful, and vice versa, if the living room is too ugly, not only can not accept, living A good mood will also be destroyed. As the protagonist of the living room, the most conspicuous existence, if the sofa selection misunderstanding greatly reduces the aesthetics of the living room, and chooses a suitable and comfortable sofa, the value of the living room is instantly improved.

Cloth and leather sofas are the two most commonly used in the living room. Here is a brief introduction to each of them. What kind of furniture is suitable for these two kinds of sofas, and then choose not to be wrong.


Fabric sofa

Diverse design, varied colors, lying on the skin, breathable, soft and comfortable to touch, can be a salty and sweet appearance, conveying a simple but not simple feature. The overallity of the fabric sofa is very gentle, and it is just right for the popular minimalist and Nordic style.

Leather sofa

The leather sofa comes with light luxury and calm temperament. It is a good choice with European light luxury and industrial style. It is visually very stylish and full of texture when touched. The living room wants to create a feeling of “high on the ground”. Leather sofa.


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