Distinguish The Quality Of Fabric Sofa Fabric

- May 23, 2019-

From the technical point of view, the thin fabric of the printed pattern is cheap because of the simple process; while the pattern and other patterns belong to the woven fabric, it is thicker and higher, and it is the case that the fabric pattern is carefully observed when purchasing. The patterns woven by different latitude and longitude lines have a three-dimensional effect and are not as smooth as printed fabrics.

In terms of fabrics, fabrics made of pure cotton and pure wool are higher than those of ordinary rayon.

The most comfortable fabric sofa is pure cotton. Generally speaking, the fabric sofa is best made of pure cotton fabric. The advantages are:

1, The density is higher, such fabric is very durable, not easy to wrinkle or break, the use period is relatively long;

2, Comfortable sitting, cotton fabric is natural and environmentally friendly, very close to the skin, sit on the soft and delicate, make people feel very comfortable.