Do You Know The Characteristics Of These Five Sofa Fabrics

- Sep 21, 2020-

In modern society, people are more willing to choose fabric sofas when choosing sofa living rooms. Fabric sofas have more choices in color, style and comfort. So what are the fabrics for fabric sofas? How much do you know about sofa fabrics? Next, let me introduce the characteristics of five sofa fabrics. Let's take a look.

sofa fabric

1. Imitation linen

Imitation linen is the most common fabric used in sofa. Imitating linen can be seen literally, not pure linen, but imitation linen. Most of the linen-like fabrics are woven from polyester fibers. In appearance, linen-like and cotton-linen are very similar, but the feel is quite different. Since it is not worn on the body, it is not necessary to use pure linen. The imitation linen's anti-pilling, non-fading, super abrasion resistance and other characteristics make it perfect for the application of sofa.

2. Jacquard fabric

This is a chemical fiber blended fabric or cotton fabric with a weave pattern. The texture is fine and soft, especially the gloss, drape and air permeability are good. Divided into two kinds of white weaving and yarn-dyed weaving. General jacquard cloth can be used for sofa, bed sheets, curtains and other decorations, while more delicate jacquard poplin can be used in clothing. Jacquard fabrics have different sizes in patterns. The jacquard pattern has a single flower, 2 flowers, 4 flowers or more of the same pattern in the whole frame. The pattern range is wide and exquisite. There are mainly animal, landscape, flower and other patterns, which are very three-dimensional, and the color is distinct; the small jacquard pattern Most of the small geometric patterns repetitively appear. Because they are woven by 16-24 page dobby looms and limited by the number of heald frames, the patterns are relatively single and repeated.

3. Composite cloth

The technology of composite cloth has been very mature and is constantly improving. The composite fabric is very suitable for the production of sofa due to its waterproof, breathable and comfortable characteristics.

4. Chenille

It is a new type of fancy yarn, also known as chenille. This kind of fabric is very popular in the market recently. Its use gives home textile fabrics a thick feeling. This fabric has a gorgeous and noble appearance, plump suede, strong water absorption, soft and comfortable hand feel, good drape, and very warmth. When choosing chenille, not only should pay attention to its density, but also the pile effect and dyeing condition.

5. Flocking cloth

The flocking cloth is bright in color, soft to the touch, moisture-proof, heat-preserving and non-linting, and wear-resistant. Please pay attention to this kind of cloth when cleaning. Do not soak it in water or rub it with a brush. Just use a cotton gauze dipped in alcohol to wipe it gently.

The characteristics of the five sofa fabrics are summarized here. I believe you have a better understanding of sofa fabrics. When choosing sofa fabrics, you can choose according to fabrics, patterns and personal preferences. I hope that the content shared today can provide you with some Reference comments.