Do You Know What Cotton Fabrics Are Most Afraid Of?

- Mar 13, 2019-

Sometimes we encounter the situation that the cotton fabric is pilling, shrinking, and fading. Although there is a certain relationship between the fabric and the material of the fabric, is it not closely related to whether we clean it properly? So remember, pure cotton is afraid of these things.

 pure cotton

1.Pure cotton is afraid of "long expectation of humid environment"

In a humid environment, pure cotton is prone to damage caused by acid corrosive fabrics, so it is important to keep dry.


2.Pure cotton is afraid that "the detergent will not be diluted first"

Under normal circumstances, pure cotton is resistant to alkali and acid, but it does not mean that pure cotton is not afraid of alkali. If it is left for a long time, the fabric will be hard. At the same time, the color of the fabric printing and dyeing will also cause the fabric to partially fade and yellow due to the lack of prior dilution of the concentrated detergent.


3.Pure cotton is afraid of "high temperature washing and baking"

We all know that pure cotton will shrink, the standard range of correct shrinkage is less than 5%, which means that a bed of 200 wide quilt cover, shrinking within 10cm is in line with national standards. But if you use high temperature, exposure, baking, etc., the shrinkage rate will not be controlled.

4.Cotton is afraid of "short hair beard back and forth"

All the cotton can't be worn, although the surface of the cotton fabric can't be worn, but if you grind it, it will be there, and it will be easy to wear. For example: men's hair is short and thick, and the beard is not often scraped, so the one waiting for you is the area to play.

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