Does The Fabric Have Antistatic Properties

- Aug 21, 2020-

China VELVET fabric supplier is a versatile polyester polymer used for finishing polyester fabrics. It has a certain hydrophilicity and soft hand feeling, which can reduce the static electricity on fabrics and garments. 

1. the basic properties: Chemical properties Low molecular weight pro-ester polyester compound Appearance: light white to dark brown particles Solid content: 97% ionic: non-ionic PH (concentration 5%): 6.0 Solubility: good mixing at 80 -85 degrees can be completely dispersed in the solution. Flash point: more than 93 degrees. 

2. Good decontamination and durable moisture wicking function can make the fabric get the same finishing effect as cotton fabric. It can give polyester fabric a good antistatic function. Ink-dyed polyester fabric with soft lubrication in the bath. It has good degreasing ability during preparation and refining. The fabric is soft to the touch. It has good drape dyeing, which can reduce the friction of the fabric and reduce the crease caused by friction. The dyeing rate of the fabric, so as to reduce the discharge of the dyeing waste liquid, the fabric can be obtained as if it had been subjected to silicone finishing. 

3. Dispersion effect Velvetol 251 CCG dispersion is applied to polyester fabric. The surface layer, after exhaust dyeing and hot melt padding, can be obtained with various performance formulas as follows: leveling agent 2.0-1.0% (weight to fabric) 0.2-0.1% Velvetol 251 CCG fabric finishing 1.0-3.0% (dyeing Bath weight) 0.1-0.3% Velvetol 251 CCG dispersion Take care to avoid the following:  Mix with cations Dry humidity greater than 150 degrees Dye bath pH higher than 8.0 Add Velvetol in the presence of electrolyte in the mixing tank 251 CCG Dispersion V. Absorption Characteristics and Antistatic Properties: Velvetol 251 CCG has good hydrophilicity and wicking moisture absorption in polyester fabrics, so polyester fabrics have the same finishing effect as cotton, Velvetol 251 CCG It can reduce the generation of static electricity on fabrics and clothing, and quickly shield the generated static electricity, even with washability. The table below shows the antistatic properties of the fabric treated with a Velvetol 251 CCG dispersion at a concentration of 20 g / liter. The rolling ratio is 30 %.