Fabric Maintenance Techniques For Fabric Sofas

- Mar 18, 2019-

1. When the fabric is ironed, the temperature is controlled at 80 degrees - 120 degrees, and the cloth is carried out. (High temperature, high pressure will cause surface changes)

2. It is forbidden to use sun exposure and strong light.

3. Dry cleaning is required when washing. Do not wash, roll and dry, and experiment if necessary.

4. It is forbidden to wash with tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene or fluorine series solvents. Oxygen bleaching is strictly prohibited.

5, avoid strong friction and other strong friction, there may be hair loss phenomenon.

6. Avoid sitting on the armrests, otherwise it will cause irreparable damage to the packing and fabric.

7. Prevent children from jumping on the sofa.

8. Pat the cushions and pillows every day to keep them soft.

9, if the stain can not be removed, you need to ask the help of the professional, should not use alcohol-based detergent to clean the fabric to prevent fading.

10. When carrying the sofa, do not force the sofa to slide, in case the sofa leg is damaged.

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