Feel The Colorfulness Of Linen Fabric

- Mar 14, 2019-

linen curtains

Linen bathroom curtain

The two sides of life are in every detail, one side is pure white, and the other side is a modern exaggerated pattern. Even in a small space, it creates an atmosphere full of joy. Use this multi-layered fabric curtain in the bathroom to create a soft, dreamy light. In the summer, linen fabrics are cooler, fresher and more breathable than pure cotton.

 linen curtain

Pleated linen fabric for decorative walls

The use of fabrics to enrich the wall is a simple and easy way to decorate. In the simplely decorated room, the pleated linen fabric is placed below the waistline of the wall, and the fashion is breathtaking. Choose a glossy silver-gray that matches the overall tone of the room, accentuating the visual layering.


 linen fabric

Linen fabric for decorate beds

The simple and bright colors are more and more popular, and people are eager for a comfortable and relaxed living atmosphere to get rid of the complexities of modern life. Choose a glossy linen fabric to decorate the headboard, fully demonstrating the glamorous side of the linen. The faint luster of the solid color fabric is not fancy, but full of charm. The exaggerated size of the bed and the use of buttons show the gorgeous rock style of the room.