Fives Kinds Of Curtain Hang Methods

- Oct 14, 2019-

1.Curtain hanging method. It is given priority to with adornment of pendant lace more, reflect change in shade head design, fan, W shape, 3 sides fold fan shape, round curtain form to wait, different shade head and drape design, bring different visual effect, basically suit luxuriant and delicate household style.

2. Straight hanging method. With simple and easy design, it has become the most common way of hanging in the home, such as perforation, ring, tether and sling, reflecting the relaxed and free atmosphere of life.

3.Pleated hanging method. Below normal circumstance, it cent is monolayer and double layer two kinds, curtain of 100 plait of monolayer builds hazy sense, and double layer 100 plait curtain can reduce the loss of central heating and cool air effectively, this kind of hang a law to be able to bring the sense that lives in elegant atmosphere.

4. The Roman curtain hanging method. It can choose according to seasonal change put down or pull, fold naturally among them, seem to have stereo feeling, condole belt type, 4 paragraph smoke plait type, bottom takes the different form such as crystal type, reflect a lively and vivid effect.

5. Decorative curtain hanging method. It is relatively economical and practical. On the one hand, the curtain rod can be directly inserted into the top box and hung on the wall without pulley; on the other hand, it is suitable for small windows, which can be semi-sectioned to increase the visual effect of the windows. I-pleats, hand-made pleats, pleats, suspenders and so on, in the delicate design, reflect the sweet feeling of small women at home, so that pure and gentle into the bedroom.